A variety box of everything you need to steep and sip your artisanal herbal teas.

64 oz jar juice deliveries:

Order a your own personal supply of juice and have it delivered straight to your door! Choose from our listed combinations or request off menu blends.

  • Only seasonal fruits will be considered.
  • $5 off on every purchase for each returned jar(s).
  • $20 delivery fee. Delivery in San Francisco Only.

Delivery Schedule

Order your ice cold juice by 2pm and expect to receive your juice as early as 12pm the next day. Any orders received after 6pm will be delivered as early as 2pm the next day.

Delivery hours: Hours are subject to change daily. Please request a specific day and time by filling out the box below. Don’t forget to make your purchase after you schedule your delivery!

Communion Juice’s Herbal Tea Shop

Many people are making a shift to using more natural ingredients for the foods they eat, and that includes beverages. Rather than sodas and other high-calorie options, many are choosing healthy dried herbs for teas instead.

Our hand-blended artisanal teas come is sets as small as 10 tea bags and as large as 100.
Order yours today!

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