We are a USN Veteran owned company serving fresh juice made-to-order. COMMUNION JUICE is a start-up company with visions of becoming a conglomerate. We specialize in fresh juice & herbal shots made from fruits and vegetables, as well as artisanal herbal teas.

Rather than just being a trend, the concept of cold-pressed juicing has seemingly permeated into society’s idea of a healthy lifestyle: on-the-go. COMMUNION JUICE’s goal is to take juicing to the next level by combining juicing with convenience and sophistication.

In the future, COMMUNION JUICE plans to offer its business opportunities to those who are interested in becoming business owners or expanding their business. We plan to offer inclusive partnership opportunities to military veterans. Our business opportunities will empower our country’s heroes with independence and economic freedom.

COMMUNION JUICE is unmatchable! Our distinctive qualities consist of purchasing fruits and vegetables daily from local produce shops, pressing our juices in state of the art cold-press machines; each juice made fresh to order, while serving our juices in an environment that is sophisticated and uplifting.

“If life gives you lemons, squeeze them!”

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Carlina Williams with Communion Juice was a pleasant surprise to work with. Although a startup, Carlina was well informed of her requirements of a popup vendor and very responsive with all our building requirements. She was organized and proactive, which quite frankly is not the typical startup experience. The café location where she provided her fresh juices is located inside the lounge of a 200,000 square foot office building. She understood our standards and the result was a professional and organized visual set up, with a good quality offering and great customer service.
I would highly recommend anyone interested in working with Communion Juice would have a similar successful experience.

Rita Hernandez, CPM
General Manager
Brickman | Owner.Operator.Investor.

550 Kearny Street | Suite 125
San Francisco | CA | 94108
Ph: 415-986-1877


Carlina is an exciting individual to have in your corner and on your team. She is full of life, energy, and possesses a can do attitude. Carlina knows the business world and can build an idea into a strategic business model as she has done with her Communion Juice business. If you need a dependable, delicious drink vendor Carlina and her Communion Juice products are a fantastic choice. I highly recommend Carlina and her new brand – Communion Juice

C-Level Entrepreneur, Energy, Security and Technology